Do you accept junk cars?

Yes. If you are able to present the car title and you are the current owner, we are staffed with a notary public so that title can be transferred to our company upon purchase.

Does steel earn as much as other metals?

No. Steel does not earn as much as other metals. However, it is still good for recycling and does earn some return.

Do I need to come equipped to unload the materials myself?

As long as we can unload without getting into your personal vehicle, we will help unload all materials.

Do you have large scales for weighing large loads?

Yes, we have a large scale built into the entranceway that will weigh your car when you enter and then again after your recyclables are unloaded to determine the weight of your load.

What metals can I not bring to you for recycling?

We accept all types of metals. Our products page will show you a specific list of what we recycle. If you have a question about a particular material not shown on the product list please feel free to contact us.

Can I being various types of materials in one load?


Will you purchase metals from people selling on the street?

Yes we do.

Will you recycle for demolition projects?

Yes, we work with contractors on demolition projects.

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