Recycling is very important for the environment. Pollution caused by factories that manufacture plastic, paper, aluminum and other recyclable materials, adversely affect plant and animal life, our water supply and the air we breathe. Recycling is the best way to decrease manufacturing and reduce pollutants created.

Another cause of pollution is the large amounts of waste created by the day to day activities of life. Millions of dollars are spent each year in an effort to control and dispose of waste. Landfills cover thousands of acres of property and also add to the problem of pollution. Recycling reduces waste and the cost of waste disposal.

The environment is also affected by the rapid consumption of the earth’s natural resources. We use our planet’s resources much faster than they can be recovered. Consider one example – cutting trees to produce paper. Trees are one of the most important assets the earth has. They provide a home and food for animals and humans. They clean our air and help control the climate. Recycling is one way to protect this vital resource from over consumption.

Our natural resources are not in unlimited supply. It is vital to understand the need to protect these resources to whatever extent possible. None of us are immune from the effects of the environment, and none of us are exempt from the responsibility to care for the environment. Recycling is a small effort toward making a big difference in protecting it.